Zingle dating

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Jay Bishoff, the creator of Peregian Originals, has set out to create a new dating event more dignified then its predecessors.Mr Bishoff said Zingles would would work like a game with a naturally-unfolding social process which people can choose to progress through."Other singles events I've seen from afar seem tacky so I wanted to create a singles night with a bit of sparkle,” Mr Bishoff said."I've also been told by other singles event organisers that they've found some men to be opportunistic or come with bad intentions."I know so many great single guys on the Coast so I want to identify only the good guys to be part of this event.”Zingles is still in the planning process but Mr Bishoff proposes there will be three phases to progress, or not progress, through in the game- courting, connection and chemistry.The logical entrepreneur path would have been for Sara to start a company in the corporate equipment industry or for Ford to start a new financial consulting firm.In many respects it would have been the easier way to go.

Mr Bishoff said he had received a lot of positive support for the idea so far, with the Zingles at more than 100 likes on Facebook."Once we get to 200 then I think it will be worth running an event,” Mr Bishoff said."But I'm seeing more interest from women so far and I want there to be even numbers before we go ahead.”The inspiration came to Mr Bishoff after rekindling his relationship with his girlfriend."She wished some of her single friends could enjoy a healthy relationship like we have and I agreed,” he said.“Knowing the world would one day recognize how essential this form of customer communication is, it was important to me to create a company name that was memorable (‘Zingle’) and had the ability to become a mega brand.” ’s strategy). (Note from editor: This was brilliant.) “It’s essential to stand out, and starting with the name is very important,” says Ford. The passion that both hold for the problems they solve and the people they’re helping come through in Spanx’ and Zingle’s PR.  Sara pursued a problem in woman’s fashion after selling fax machines door to door.Ford pursued a customer communication problem at his local coffee shop after years of commuting to a finance job.Yes, it was amazing that she was selected by Oprah as one of her favorite things, but what Sara did to PR the opportunity was more remarkable still.For Zingle, when Ford launched the first ever text valet service (in NYC) where monthly parkers could text ahead to their garage to have their car ready, it didn’t immediately take off.

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