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He was born to Wilhelm Gudegast and his wife Matilde Gudegast in Kiel, Germany.His father was a strict disciplinarian, and it seems that he did not stray from his childhood discipline.Eric Braeden is a committed family man who has tried his best to keep a clean record.He met Eric Braeden wife – the love of his life Dale Russell Gudegast and later married her on 8 October 1966.It seems that Eric is so much in love with this show and he decided to remain for all that long.However, it is revealed that “Eric Braeden leaving the young and the restless.” It could be as a result of his health, but he is recovering.

They have been happily married for all those years. He debuted his career playing Nazis, and finally, he became a star who is widely featured in daytime soaps.Before becoming an actor, he was a renowned athlete, and he performed impressively in field races and tracks.Eric Braeden children are just, but only one son and his details like his date of birth and his occupation are not known.Unless the unfathomable happens, the duo does not seem to ever file for a divorce.

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