Who is brian kennedy dating

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I’m the most reluctant role model there is because I don’t feel qualified enough.“But I wanted to let people know, especially young people, that it's not a bad thing to be gay — it's a good thing to be gay.“But then I was able to give the character some great qualities that I was just not brave enough to possess.I wanted the book to be sexually graphic and I wanted to write a book that I would want to read.” “I wanted to write a book about how sex is honest between two guys.“He put the butt of his gun right in my balls — not too hard but hard enough — and forced me to speak English."I was just being playful and thought I was being smart, but you quickly learn ‘no, no, maybe don’t do that the next time’.

“I mean, obviously there are similarities (with the character and I) in that we were both young men, trying to make it in the music business while coming to terms with our sexuality — obviously I’m talking about myself there.

And you are going to die and I knew some people who did die from it.

“Unfortunately wrapped up in my own fear about who I was was that fear also.

You never had Paddy and Johnny, or Sile and Marie who lived at the top of the street and they were members of the community.

It was always about some paedo or some child-catcher or some awful thing." In a podcast with Roisin Ingle Kennedy explained that he doesn't want the gay community to be "a mirror image of straight life. And I want my partner to have the same rights, absolutely I do." Kennedy's music is heavily influenced by his upbringing on the Falls Road in Belfast during the troubles, which he describes as a "literally a ghetto, a Catholci ghetto....

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