Warning not updating lilo etclilo conf not found

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If you enter nothing, then the default kernel image, the first mentioned, (/boot/z Image-1.5.99) will be booted after a timeout of 15 seconds (150 deciseconds). (The exact number depends upon compilation options.) As can be seen above, a configuration file starts with a number of global options (the top 9 lines in the example), followed by descriptions of the options for the various images.An option in an image description will override a global option.A raid installation is initiated by specifying a RAID1 device as the boot device; e.g., "boot=/dev/md0".Note that LILO version 22.0 and later operate differently from earlier versions with respect to the actual location of the boot records.# lilo.conf## global options:boot=/dev/hdaprompttimeout=150lba32compactvga=normalroot=/dev/hda1read-onlymenu-title=" John's Computer "## bootable kernel images:image=/boot/z Image-1.5.99 label=tryimage=/boot/z Image-1.0.9 label=1.0.9image=/tamu/vmlinuz label=tamu initrd=root=/dev/hdb2 vga=ask## other operating systems:other=/dev/hda3 label=dos boot-as=0x80 # must be C:other=/dev/hdb1 label=Win98 boot-as=0x80 # must be C:other=/dev/hdb5 label=os2 loader=os2_d table=E: # os2 sees as E: This configuration file specifies that lilo uses the Master When booting, the boot loader will issue its boot: prompt and wait for you to enter the label of the kernel (and any options) which you wish to boot.At any time you may hit [Tab] to see a list of kernel/other labels.specifies the character (or pixel) coordinate of the location of the timer the same as 'bmp-table=' above; and the color triple specifes the character color attributes the same as 'bmp-colors=' above, with the exception that the background color must be specified. a hard disk partition) that contains the boot sector.

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The title of this menu is overridden with the menu title specification in this configuration file.If shadow color is not specified, then "none" is assumed.The list entries are separated by commas, with no spaces.Specifies the number of tenths of a second the boot loader should wait before automatically booting a locked command line, a command line pre-stored by "lilo -R", or the default 'image=' or 'other='.When 'delay' is non-zero, the boot loader will wait for an interrupt for the specified interval.

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