Valentines gift for girl just started dating

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It hasn't been that long, so you can probably get away with not giving a gift, but you do risk an awkward moment if he showers you with stuff and you're all empty-handed. A cool bottle of his favorite booze, a Netflix gift card, or a book you think he might like are harmless yet amazing gifts for anyone, really.

I’ve got you covered with a few Valentines Day ideas for someone you just started dating.

Y'all been at it for half a year, so you can loosen up a bit.

You can make jokes about his weird big toe, and you've got a good grasp on his interests.

This is the perfect time to get him a quirky gift, such as beard balm, or something practical, like a nice shirt.

If he has a hobby like coffee-making, he’ll definitely nerd out over the effing cool-looking pot below.

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