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In relation to the political arena, UN Women reported that a 2012 study made by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) ranked Uruguay as being "103rd out of 189 countries in terms of representation of women in Parliament". Luisi was a leader of the feminist movement in the country of Uruguay.In 1909, she became the first woman in the country to obtain a medical degree and was highly respected.In 1603, the Spanish began to introduce cattle, which became a source of wealth in the region.The first permanent Spanish settlement was founded in 1624 at Soriano on the Río Negro.The Uruguayan legislation maintains that the women of Uruguay have equal rights to power, authority, and privileges".

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), officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Spanish: República Oriental del Uruguay), is a country in the southeastern region of South America.Since its independence, the country has been known as la República Oriental del Uruguay, which literally means "the eastern republic of the Uruguay [River]".However, it is commonly translated either as the "Oriental Republic of Uruguay" Uruguay then became a zone of contention between the Spanish and Portuguese empires.Its natural harbor soon developed into a commercial area competing with Río de la Plata's capital, Buenos Aires.between British, Spanish, Portuguese and other colonial forces.

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