Updating microsoft outlook 2016 to 2016

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If you're concerned, you can update to Workshare's latest metadata cleaning process, which takes the processing out of Outlook entirely (see the Mitigations section of this article).If you'd like to validate whether you're experiencing the virtual memory issue described in this article, you can collect a log of the activity that occurs at the time of the problem and send it to us.The Registry is not backed up automatically so changes to the Registry cannot be undone.If you're not familiar with the Registry or you'd like assistance, please contact Workshare Support.As before, customers may alternatively choose to use 64-bit Office. As diagnosed by Microsoft, this is a rendering failure caused by memory pressure within the 32-bit Outlook process.Some users of the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office 20 (including the Office 365 versions) who are also on Windows 8 and above, are experiencing an issue where Outlook stops rendering properly, leading to a white screening or black screening effect where text and other graphical elements appear blank. Memory fragmentation means that Outlook is running out of space for memory allocations within its virtual address space.To turn the animation option off, in Outlook, go to File Advanced and deselect Use animations when expanding conversations and groups.

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Note: The introduction of the LAA feature first appears in the May 1, 2018 updates for 32-bit Office (KB4018372 for Outlook 2016; KB4018376 for Outlook 2013).These changes have been available in Office 365 since version 1709, build 8528.2147. Microsoft strongly recommends that customers upgrade to 64-bit Office.This version of Office provides the ability for add-ins to use up to 128GB of physical memory (assuming the machine provides that much memory), which is substantially more than what’s possible with 32-bit Office and means that the issue is highly unlikely to occur again.By default, Outlook displays a brief animation while expanding message conversations or groups.This animation can reproduce a rendering issue where black or white boxes are displayed in Outlook, which, at first glance, appears to be the virtual memory fragmentation issue.

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