Updating globe ligths

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The plan is to change the paint color, possibly add a chair railing (or something that LOOKS like a chair railing) and add some new art/accessories—and who knows maybe a new bathroom faucet! Not terrible, but could use a little love and a lotta bit of personality: Another big thing to update is the lighting.

It’s hard to tell in the photo above, but the two glass and chrome fixtures are a little traditional for our tastes…I’ve been scouring the internet for good deals on replacement light fixtures, but haven’t really found anything that it’s in our price range (which, as always, is cheap and/or cheaper).

Like the ones on this light fixture (which is well out of our price range at each – we need two): Oh well…I think I’m going to try Home Depot in the hopes that they have a more contemporary selection of globes before I pick up the grooved ones from Lowe’s.However, sometimes Siri can be stubborn and the setup process might tell you that it can’t find the Hue Bridge to pair to for setting up Siri. Swipe to the left on where it says “Home” and tap “Remove”.This is usually a problem if you reset your Hue Bridge to factory settings and are setting it up again. This won’t reset your other Home Kit-enabled in your house, but it will delete anyone off the list that you’ve shared your Home Kit settings with.Although I’d prefer a fixture with straight lines throughout, our current ones are in good shape and could be given a new life with updated globes.Here are the options I brought home to try out: We’ve got: Here are the original lights again – You can see the globes a bit better in these photos: To try the new ones, I took the lightbulbs out and then unscrewed the hardware holding the old glass in place.

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