Union national brazil opportunity liquidating fund

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Nonetheless, holding companies or SPCs that the FIP invests in can be used as vehicles in leveraged acquisitions of, or investments in, target companies. Special Purpose Companies (SPCs) While companies in which the FIP invests must be publicly or closely held corporations, prevailing regulations impose no restrictions as to the type of business organization of the SPCs that can be held by target companies (S. As Figure 1 depicts, the FIP can use these SPCs—through target companies—to channel private equity investments in equity participations and assets that would otherwise not be permitted at the FIP level, Peculiarities pertaining to target or asset acquisitions, costs, time, tax efficiencies, and regulatory implications may be some of the motivations that lead corporate planners to adopt multiple corporate layers under an FIP, like the ones exemplified in Figure 1. Eligible Investors The risks associated with private equity investments generally make such investments unsuitable for the general public.

This target investor restriction gives private equity investors great latitude to structure FIPs and regulate their operation according to the rules suited for each particular deal or set of deals.Closely held companies that the FIP invests in have to comply with certain minimum governance guidelines such as (a) the establishment of a unified one-year term of office for the entire board of directors (no staggered boards); (b) annual audit of their financial statements; (c) disclosure of related-party agreements, shareholders’ agreements, stock option plans, and share buyback plans; and (d) the obligation to adhere to certain differentiated levels of corporate governance practices in case the company goes public.Investments by the FIP in either closely or publicly held companies are not subject to minimum revenue or net worth requirements.The data also suggests that private equity investments exert a high degree of influence in the transformation of several sectors in the Brazilian economy, primarily by fostering the reallocation of assets and capital among entities and the reorganization of domestic businesses in pursuit of efficiency and profitability.From a legal standpoint, the intensification of private equity activity has prompted investors and governmental authorities to come up with creative transactional structures and regulatory approaches to facilitate private equity ventures, while coping with the demands and challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

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