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Of the 24 states that allow citizens to initiate legislation through the petition process, several states have adopted restrictions and regulations that limit the allowable scope and content of initiated proposals.These regulations may include laws that mandate that initiatives address only one topic, restrict the range of acceptable topics for proposed laws, prohibit unfunded mandates and establish guidelines for adjudicating contradictory measures.The state Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ballot initiative, with the four-justice majority writing that "a voter-initiated amendment under Const 1963, art 12, § 2 is permissible if it does not significantly alter or abolish the form or structure of our government, making it tantamount to creating a new constitution." In Michigan, citizens can initiate statutes and constitutional amendments that the legislature could also enact under the Michigan Constitution.Citizens cannot initiate referendums against bills that included appropriations for state institutions or state funds.Each initiative and referendum state employs a different procedure for filing petition applications.

In addition, the petition must comply with the requirements of section 544c(2).

(7) Each petition under this section must provide at the top of the page check boxes and statements printed in 12-point type to clearly indicate whether the circulator of the petition is a paid signature gatherer or a volunteer signature gatherer.

(8) Each petition under this section must clearly indicate below the statement required under subsection (7) and be printed in 12-point type that if the petition circulator does not comply with all of the requirements of this act for petition circulators, any signature obtained by that petition circulator on that petition is invalid and will not be counted.

Also, many states conduct a review of the ballot title and summary, and several states employ a fiscal review process which analyzes proposed laws to determine their impact on state finances.

In Michigan, petitions for ballot initiatives need to follow a specific format.

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