Stephanie pratt dating josh hansen

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And then it just carried on and MTV got a hold of me.

I wasn't really interested at first, but I did a few shows.

I didn't know people were so pumped and hyped on it.

However, I just want to be Josh the Dirt Bike Guy." Josh, how did you wind up meeting Stephanie Pratt and becoming a part of "The Hills" TV show?

I think everybody just thought the worst about the whole thing right off the bat.

But whatever happened to all the couples on the show? I think everybody was looking at it from the outside looking on in. I'm a racer, and I feel like I'm a good racer and I feel like I have the personality to do some stuff outside the sport. I'm not going to just stick in my own little world of racing. In April, Hansen returned to the supercross podium at Salt Lake City, winning the 250cc Lites and re-establishing himself as a threat well beyond the one-off arena of X Games.As he gears up for his shot at an X Games three-peat, it's tough not to root for Hansen.

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