States mandating coverage for invitro fertilization

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The ethical life issues—multiple fertilization and destruction of embryos, consignment to cryopreservation (freezing), buying, selling, and donating of frozen embryos, use for experimental purposes, selective abortion in multiple pregnancies—receive (like abortifacients in the .

In a world where medical resources are limited and Obamacare likely to generate rationing, are insurance dollars best spent subsidizing procedures that pose socially controversial moral and ethical issues, destroy human life, and do nothing to overcome the pathology they “treat”?The comments to The biggest paradox, of course, is that the “treatment”—in vitro fertilization—leaves the pathology intact: the woman was infertile before and remains infertile after.What IVF does (like much of contemporary gynecology) is provide wish fulfillment: with no objective notion of healthy or pathological, normal or abnormal, pregnancy and fertility are neither good nor bad, but depend wholly on the will of the woman.reports is that women often do this to ensure success because of the expense of even one IVF cycle.The article concludes that this is bad policy, not because lives will be lost, but because it is short-sighted—multiple pregnancies are prone to complications, so failure to pay for IVF up front means incurring larger post-complication costs later.

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