Separation laws for dating south carolina

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“Dating,” even if not romantic, could have the appearance of adultery and invite a Charleston Family Law attorney to raise the issue of adultery.This almost always increases the conflict in the case, therefore “costing” the parties more money, energy and time than necessary while resolving the issues of the divorce.As long as the “dating” does not evolve into a sexual relationship this will be difficult to prove.There is no legal prohibition to having dinner, going to a movie, taking walks, or speaking with friends during a separation.To speak directly with me, please call me now at 843-800-2928.Alternatively, please use the contact form to ask me any questions that you may have regarding your Charleston divorce or legal separation case. You can be sure that I will keep strictly confidential anything that you write to me.If you and your spouse are seeking a divorce based on separation (a no-fault divorce), you may be able to use what is known as the "simple divorce" process, but you meet a few other requirements, which are listed below.With the simple divorce process, if either spouse has been at fault in some way, those issues cannot be raised in the divorce proceeding.

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However, for all practical purposes, proving marital fault against a spouse in the litigation process (without an admission) will likely take at least one year if not longer.Requirements for a Simple Divorce To be eligible to file a simple divorce, you must meet the following requirements: If you meet all of the above requirements, then you may follow the steps below to fill out the forms for a simple divorce.If you do not meet all of the requirements, or you have questions about your case, you need to talk to a lawyer.In our practice, we always admonish our clients to hold off on any interactions that could appear romantic until an agreement resolving all marital issues is signed by each party and by a Family Court Judge.As an experienced divorce and child custody attorney in Charleston, SC, I can answer your Charleston divorce and legal separation questions.

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