Selectonemenu not updating backing bean

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Session Scoped; @Managed Bean(name = "user Data", eager = true) @Session Scoped public class User Data implements Serializable Once you are ready with all the changes done, let us compile and run the application as we did in JSF - First Application chapter. )changes the Select Items of (A) in the value Change Listener of (B).This output will be sent over network from the server side to the client side as part of the HTTP response. If the code at the server side has done its task the right way, you should not see any line of Java/JSP/JSF code in the generated output.Open up such a JSP/JSF page in your favourite webbrowser and choose the "View Source" option (or something similar). When the server application (in this case, the webserver) has sent the output, it has finished its task of HTTP request/response cycle and is now waiting for the next HTTP request from the client side.I am starting to think there is something very basic that I have missunderstood here(not much experience with JSF/Rich Faces).

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You probably have ever heard of "server side" and "client side" in terms of web development.In JS, on the other hand, there are in general three ways to accomplish this: Hopefully it's now all clear what the whole point of "server side" and "client side" is and what their capabilities are. Copyright - No text of this article may be taken over without explicit authorisation. You can copy, change and distribute the code freely. If everything is fine with your application, this will produce the following result. As you probably already know, you can do that with plain HTML by just clicking a link with query parameters, or submitting a form with (hidden) input parameters.Links sends HTTP GET requests only, while forms are capable of sending HTTP POST requests.

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