Politics and dating

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Since it's an election year, a few significantly large surveys have already been conducted on the relationship between politics and love.

So how are politics affecting dating and relationships for millennials?

The survey found that if the running were between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, millennials were 72 percent for Clinton and 28 percent for Trump. If you and a partner or someone you're on a first date with disagree over who you support in the 2016 presidential election, could your relationship actually be doomed? It would seem that indifference concerning politics is a reason for couples to call things off. Go in and vote together, then leave your beliefs in the ballot box.

I think that people are way more than their political views.

Among the respondents, there was a nearly even split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

While only 61 percent of participants voted in the presidential election, they still had some pretty strong feelings about the current political state.

However, with the current political state in America, I think that people, particularly millennials, have become very comfortable about discussing politics…

I think I might actually be the exception to this because I enjoy discussing politics with anyone as long as we can have a civil discussion about our views and beliefs.

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