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and now Mariana and Callie are college graduates and have decided to live together in Los Angeles.

There is also Malika, who was in foster care like Callie, but never found her forever family, and then there is Gael.Also, we got Davia who is body positivity, and formerly was anorexic, Malika who was in the foster system but didn’t get lucky like Callie, and the list goes on.Pretty much, this show finds a way to be inclusive to different ethnic groups, and recognizes their culture, without making it seem it is to avoid criticism.However, between Callie decided to back off, after having sex with Gael, and Marianna making a discovery about him, that may no longer be an issue., we got bombarded with one thing after another and while many sometimes felt rushed, many topics addressed were ahead of their time.I’m talking about immigration issues, women being harassed in the workplace, and many other issues which usually weren’t part of shows marketed to young adults.

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