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:)Note the update on the "nominology" article: "As soon as this went to print, Rob Felty (a linguist) informed me that the established term for what I've called nominology is onomastics. "And further discussion in the comments: EVOC - RBREV - YGREP - GGOOG - GPRON - YSPEL - YVERB - RNominology: EVOC - YBREV - YGREP - GGOOG - GPRON - GSPEL - YVERB - Y (nominologize?

)Seems like nominology wins on at least a couple nominological categories.

Target wasn't actually a startup though - it was an offshoot of Dayton's department store (that name being a relic from the era when it was much more common to name one's business after oneself).A while back I created a startup name generator by fusing tech and culinary terms together. It gets a decent amount of traffic and a few domains purchased every once in a while.Check it out: I've had a few people tell me it relieved a bunch of stress from choosing the perfect name.One really can't predict what makes the cut in the end based on name alone...I was talking to my parents about my latest side project, Anorak ( and they both laughed at the name.

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