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However, the app still works, although it is no longer available to download from Google, and not supported for new Black Berry devices or the latest OSes.

If you still have access to Google Sync, try the following: For Black Berry owners that are unable to access Google Sync any more, we recommend you to sync or import your Black Berry Contacts into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail with the instructions above.

If you've used Black Berry Backup Extractor to recover your Black Berry contacts from your IPD or BBB backup into a CSV file and now want to get them into Outlook, here's a guide to doing it.

Recently lost or deleted the calendar file on your Black Berry?

I want to share a Black Berry user's Microsoft Outlook calendar with the public folder calendar, so that they will be one and the same.

I want to synchronize the calendars since the Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) will only transfer the user's personal calendar data -- not the public calendar data -- to his handheld device. I assume this request is for Over The Air (OTA) support.

Please notice that for a media card transfer, you'll need to have Black Berry 7.0 OS installed on the old phone.

So in summary, you can: There's been a lot of talk about what Black Berry Link can or cannot do, but the truth is that Black Berry Link only moves a part of your data over to the new Black Berry 10 smartphone.

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Unfortunately, Google has now stopped distributing Google Sync to the Black Berry.

You may not always have the time or ability to do a physical synchronization with your PC and your Black Berry, but you can set up automatic and wireless syncing between your Black Berry smartphone and your Google Gmail contact list and calendar. Your Gmail contacts appear on your Black Berry and your Black Berry contacts show up on your Gmail account no matter where you access Gmail.

And, changes you make to your contacts when you're on the go automatically appear in your Gmail account and vice versa!

To transfer data with the Black Berry Link, all you need to do is: To obtain the missing records you need to add the email account previously used to synchronize this data.

Many users have had trouble because of this option and unfortunately, transferring data by adding email accounts doesn't always work.

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