Openly dating married woman

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Or when the excitement fades, will your love for her fade too?

If that is the case don’t make the mistake of ruining her life, because you will if you decide the relationship has lost its charm.

Often, just like children, we want what we can’t have, or something that’s denied to us.

If she leaves her husband for you, will she still appear as attractive a proposition?

If you hadn’t been on the scene she might have tried harder, but your entering into the equation has definitely complicated things.

Married women have a history While most individuals who have had one or more relationships, have a past, with a married woman it is a little more complex.

But when you consider the situation with a married woman, there’s a lot more at stake than the feelings and lives of just two individuals – hers and yours.

She may not want to rock the boat, which may leave you with a broken heart when she decides she wants out.

Or she may not want to be judged by her extended family and relatives as being shallow and not sticking with her marriage.

Fearing all this and not wanting to face the music, she may, in all likelihood, return to her marriage bed, leaving your's cold.

You will have to shoulder the responsibility of being a surrogate father in addition to coping with the relationship with your lover/new wife.

If the kids are older you will have to probably maintain a fine balance between being a friend and a role mode to theml.

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