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Also keeping in mind that I’m going back to my hometown...

The sexism on this sub gets old; I feel just as defeated and frustrated as the rest of you guys.

This morning I said hello to a random woman at a tram stop, we had a conversation, I introduced myself, she told me her name, i asked her out for lunch, she said she had a boyfriend, we talked a bit more, the tram arrived, I said nice to meet you and she reciprocated with the same, we went our separate ways.

Now lets take an average day with an online dating site.message twenty women trying to talk, get ignored flat out by most, get told harassment is a crime because you had previously talked to her and she wasn't interested, if you do get a response you find the woman has almost nothing to say of interest, Michelle was articulate, intelligent, didn't babble and I would have been happy to chat with her a lot more if she was available,, there wasn't any of the ignorance and hostility shown online, I don't know what it is with women on dating sites but they just aren't right. I am a female and have the same exact problem so idk why everyone here assumes that it’s females.

But, these guys have their faces, and names attached to this!

Also I bought myself my favorite bottle of wine and am drinking the entire thingby myself because I had a roller coaster of a day. #winetime I need to buy a dress for my high school reunion, a wedding rehearsal, and a possible wedding reception change.

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