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From March 2003 to January 2011 Olbermann hosted the weeknight political commentary program Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.He received attention for his pointed criticism of right-wing and conservative politicians and public figures.Patrick often introduced Olbermann with the tagline "saving the democracy", a nod to his work on Countdown.On April 16, 2007, Olbermann was named co-host of Football Night in America, NBC's NFL pre-game show that precedes their Sunday Night NFL game, a position which reunited him in 2008 with his former Sports Center co-anchor Dan Patrick.After Olbermann left Fox Sports in 2001 he provided twice-daily sports commentary on the ABC Radio Network, reviving the "Speaking of Sports" and "Speaking of Everything" segments begun by Howard Cosell.Olbermann and Patrick referred to this segment as "The Big Show", just as their book was known.After leaving Fox Sports in 2001, Olbermann returned once more to news journalism. Murrow Award for writing on the "Keith Olbermann Speaking of Everything" show.

According to Olbermann, he was demoted by Fox when he asked for a slight reduction in duties for health reasons, and then was fired from Fox in 2001 after reporting on rumors that Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation owns Fox, was planning on selling the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He replaced Matt Winer, who had been in this role since his departure from ESPN to join the Turner Sports family, and was originally supposed to host the show with TBS' Dennis Eckersley.

Instead, Eckersley was sent to join Don Orsillo and Buck Martinez to call the Detroit-Oakland series.

At one point in the show he referred to Bristol, Connecticut (ESPN's headquarters), as a "Godforsaken place".

this began a long and drawn-out feud between Olbermann and ESPN.

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