Nude in pelarus

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Only two of them have 5 stars (hotels Europe and Crowne Plaza in Minsk) and three have 4 stars (hotels Minsk and Victoria in Minsk and hotel Luchesa in Vitebsk).At the same time there are very few low-cost hostels anywherein the country (only in Minsk and Brest).After the Russian authorities outlawed casinos across almost the whole country, Belarus was quick to offer its service.Many Russians come to Belarus to use its growing gambling industry.This is not surprising, since Belarus has an open border with its eastern neighbour and even no passport control.Moreover, the Russians, unlike Westerners, have no language problems in Belarus, where the majority of the population speak Russian as their first language.However, the statistics show that the country receives miserable numbers of visitors.Because of the uncontrolled border with Russia it is difficult to assess the exact number of tourists that come to Belarus, but the estimate for 2011 is around 750,000.

Interestingly, nationals of only 19 states can enter Belarus without visas (however, there are specific regulations for each state).

Only 15 per cent of visitors of all the agro-manors in 2011 were from abroad.

In the majority of cases (85 per cent) Belarusians themselves use them for holding weddings or other celebrations.

Abundant Talk but Little Result Tourism is a regular issue on the government’s agenda.

Several years ago Alexander Lukashenka demanded that Belarus should become a popular destination for tourists from around the world who would bring in lots of hard currency.

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