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MSMoney Quotes can open your Money file (including password protected ones), obtain the list of securities in your portfolio, make calls to MSN Money’s new quote services to fetch data for these securities, and update your Money file.

It follows nearly the same logic as the original Money code in terms of updating this information, and includes data such as last, change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, PE, market cap and volume.

Also I've built a new Financial Instrument Search Page that can be used to help find Financial Instruments to use in the Symbol Map feature.

Still using Microsoft Money but tired of manually entering quote/price information? Hi, I’m Dan and I'm a former Microsoft employee who worked on the Microsoft Money product and MSN Money website for almost a decade (1999 – 2009).

The "File Options" menu can be found under the "More" section of the manager.MSMoney will work as long as it can get quotes from MSN Money.There is no limit on the number of times it can be run. Stock information can include current and historical pricing for securities around the world.Exporting portfolio data from the Portfolio Manager in MSN Money Investing creates a saved text file that can then be opened within Excel inside a new worksheet or inside an existing sheet.

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