Lowes employee dating policy all europ ed dating site

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If an employee gets promoted or transferred from another department, they may find themselves managing a colleague they used to date.In this case, either of the two should let us know.Make sure you’ve thought about all parameters before making a decision.While we don’t object to employee relationships, our workplace is still a professional setting.Doing so might raise questions of favoritism in the hiring process.You are allowed to refer your partner to other teams or departments where you don’t have any managerial authority.

You mustn’t badmouth your former partner, sabotage their work or reveal any intimate details.

We explicitly prohibit non-consensual relationships. Before you decide to date a colleague, please consider any problems or conflicts of interest that may arise.

For example, if you’re working with a colleague on an important project, a relationship between the two of you (or a possible breakup) could affect your work.

Managers may receive a reprimand depending on the circumstances.

We may terminate those who repeatedly disregard this restriction.

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