Leo dating a cancer

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Cancer feels Leo is neglectful if Leo forgets to turn their attention to them. Leo may become restless with their introverted partner. They have a full social circle of friends to entertain, and the limelight awaits! They prefer long hours of snuggling and pillow talk as foreplay.Leo might find Cancer feels less like a lover and more like a ball and chain. If Cancer doesn’t step into sexual intimacy with some ounce of courage, Leo will withdraw from the arena.They love to pamper their partner with sweet words of affection. In return, Leo could not be happier with all the adoration Cancer pours on them!Cancer can help Leo become more in tune with the emotional world.

The Cancer and Leo love match has tender love-making sessions sure to light up the sky! Leo, the King, is out conquering new worlds and fulfilling all their ambitions!Cancer is a sign corresponding with the realm of emotion, dreams, and the subconscious.Leo corresponds with rationality, the material plane, and the conscious realm.Leo needs to have some recognition as a glorified ruler in the relationship. Cancer is receptive to this need and allows Leo their space if Leo remains attentive to them. If Leo gets all caught up in impressing his circle of friends, Cancer might feel a bit neglected. When this duo falls in love, Leo leads the way in the bedroom!They have a fiery, enthusiastic temperament and have no problem charming sensitive Cancer.

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