Lauren london and lil wayne dating

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Then Nicky Minaj came into the picture and it seems their relationship was more of business than romance.As expected, eyes were roaming and tongues started wagging about a romance going on, but neither of them doused the rumor.Lil Wayne is an American hip hop artiste who rose to prominence as the youngest member of the southern hip-hop group called Hot Boys, signed under the Cash Money Record label.Widely known for his slurry style of rapping, Lil Wayne was the flagship artiste of Bryan Williams owned record label before he ended his long-tenure contract with the company in June 2018.He and the model were together from 2009 – 2011 and according to him, hearing the confession from Drake while in prison was the worse thing that no man deserves to experience.See Also: Dave Hester Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Biography, Is He Dead?Yes Lauren London does have a baby by lil Wayne and of course its a kutt3,,baby and it looks nothing like lil Wayne go on youtube and search Lauren London and lil Wayne baby's cartoon i forgot the name of it but that can also tell you about there baby,,,so have fun with that. The rumors about Paula dating rapper Lil Wayne is false, because Lil Wayne is engaged to be married to actress Lauren London and she is also pregnant with his baby.West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle died in a fatal shooting on March 31, 2019.

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So far, it is his most successful album as it recorded over one million copy sales in its first week in the United States.During an interview with CBS, he explained that he rather be Wayne than Dwayne, since the older man has never been in his life.When asked if his father knows of his existence Wayne said: “he knows now.”Growing up in the impoverish Hollygrove neighborhood, Wayne began to rap at a very young age.As a matter of fact, Lil Wayne has been the lover boy since age 16 when he had his first child, Reginae with his high school girlfriend, the woman he later made a life partner.They got married on Valentine’s day in 2004 and the marriage lasted until 2006.

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