Invalidating a session in jsf Naakt chatten rooms

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If you want session to expire then you can configure likeweb container interprets the 0 minutes timeout to infinite.

Setting infinite timeout is not recommended because once session is created it will never expires and will remain live in server until server gets restarted or you invalidate from servlet by calling In some cases you may have requirement to have different session timeout for different user session.

Unlike Session Hijacking, this does not rely on stealing Session ID of an already authenticated user.

Instead, the attacker makes the victim use SID, which he already knows and which can he later use to make requests using victim's authenticated session.

As always, code snippets are available over on Github.

Session fixation is a type of attack, where the attacker can hijack user's session.

The difference is that the attacker has to send a request to the server and obtain a new valid SID provided by the server.

The default session timeout can be changed by two ways1. Programatically But when to use configuration and when set it Programatically ?

Here’s a simple “Http Session Listener” example to keep track the total number of active sessions in a web application.

If you want to keep monitor your session’s create and remove behavior, then consider this listener.

What are some of the variants and how to prevent this type of attack?

Session Fixation is a type of vulnerability, where the attacker can trick a victim into authenticating in the application using Session Identifier provided by the attacker.

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