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is only based on real events — a disclaimer at the end of every episode says "some scenes and characters have been dramatized or fictionalized." With the third episode chronicling Gypsy Rose's boyfriends and dating history, viewers will want to know that more of that is real than fake — including her meeting an older man at a fan convention.

Here's how the show stacks up to Gypsy's real life.

This is the equivalent of smiling at someone across a crowded room in order to let them know they have an admirer.

If they reciprocate your enthusiasm, you can begin to get to know them even better by exchanging a series of messages.

Getting to know any of these vibrant ladies couldn't possibly be any simpler.

If you browse through the personals and you come across someone who causes you to doubletake, the first thing you can do to attract their attention is to send them a wink.

The website’s tagline advertises “single men and women to love and own in the UK”.

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He eventually carried out the plan to murder Gypsy's mom and was sentenced to life in prison.

The more you get to know your gypsy lady, the greater the extent of the flirting you can inject into your messages.

You'll feel like arranging a date with your newfound partner.

In the show, she accompanies Scott to his home which he shares with a roommate.

It's there that the two kiss.reported that Gypsy was found alone with the 35-year-old sci-fi convention-goer, but it was in his hotel room.

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