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Here are all the stage times for this year’s Electric Picnic music and arts festival, which kicks off on Friday and runs until Sunday, at the Stradbally estate, in Co Laois.10.30pm-midnight Mo Kelly (DJ set) 9.40pm Montauk Hotel 8.30pm Vulpynes 7.30pm Carron 10.30pm Hozier 9pm Dermot Kennedy 7.30pm Billie Eilish 6pm David Kennan 10.30pm James Blake 8.45pm Jarvis Cocker introducing Jarv Is 7.15pm Miles Kane 6pm Toucan 2.45am Embrz 1.30am Flohio Midnight International Teachers of Pop 10.45pm Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail 9.15pm Arvo Party 8.30pm The Claque 7.15pm TPM 6pm Toshín 10.30pm Shura 9.15pm Serpentwithfeet 8.05pm Sports Team 6.55pm Alex Gough 6pm Curtis Walsh 2.50am-4am Transformer by the Salty Dog No Stars 1am Scary Éire 11.30pm Khartoum 10.05pm Stefan Murphy and the Athletes of Soul 8.30pm The Uproot Hootenanny 7.05pm Waiting for Smith 5.40pm These Charming Men 4.35pm The Roadhouse Doors 3.30pm Brian Whittington 2.20pm Cherym 1.10pm Secret guests Noon Electric Wednesday 2-4am The Kilo 1977 Midnight Bon Voyage featuring Shamon Cassette and Arveene 11pm Carnival fire show featuring Terri Fierce Family 9pm Se7en Inch Collective 7.30pm DJ Mattie B 6pm Will de Burca 1.05-3.30am Spinster DJs 11.40pm Cooks But We’re Chefs 10.15pm Loosysmokes 9pm Shogunz of Stank 7.45pm Panik Attacks 6.30pm Henry Earnest 5.15pm Harvest: A Tribute to Neil Young 4pm Montauk Hotel 2.45pm A Great Quiet 1.25pm Galway Street Club Noon Code of Behaviour Brass Band 10.30pm-midnight Amelie Lens 9pm Kettama 2.15-4am Mo Kelly (DJ set) 12.30-2am Robot Rock 10.30pm SJ (DJ) 9pm Tomás (DJ) 8pm Xo Mo 7pm Clive Williams and the Light 6pm Global Troubadours 5pm Inseek 2.30am Bazza Ranks x Dynamite MC 12.20am DJ Wax 11.40pm Adrian Lenz 10pm Jigzzsaw 8.30pm The Rebel Souls 7.15pm Boss Sound Manifesto 6pm Jameire 4pm DJ Mog Y 10pm Lex Woo 8pm Easy Yves 6pm Baz Hickey 4pm MC Little Tree 2pm Selective Sounds Noon Oi Oi Sound Midnight Sibh C 10pm Lady Michelle 8pm Miss Scotty 6pm DJ Blazehitta 4pm DJ Nigel Woods 2pm DJ Defensive Mix Up Noon DJ Dodgy 11am One World Sound 9am Will Softly 6pm The Waterford Whispers News Story, hosted by Dr Günther Grun 5pm The Doris/Magee Decade: A Film Retrospective 2pm Salon du Chat 7.30-11pm Southwest UK Hip Hop and Grime Collective Present: Joe Burn (reggae-influenced hip hop and grime), L Plate (hip hop and grime MC), Detax (rapper and producer), Pupils of the Clock (rap and hip hop) 6.30pm Graham Smyth (RTÉ presenter discusses the art of sampling) 6pm Hanway (A musical shapeshifter from New York city) 5pm The Original Eagle Hunters of Khazakstan (spoken word, song and dance) 4pm Island Key 7pm Jack Crotty: Meat and Two Vegans 6pm Susan Steele: Sea Sons 5.15pm Lily Ramirez-Foran: Too Hot to Handle 4.30pm Bean and Goose: Chocolate Horchata 5pm Gulp 5.0: The Science behind Mindful Eating 4pm Karan Mittal (Ananda): Indian Heritage Chapatti and Curry Masterclass 3pm Jane Russell: Make Your Own Sausages with Kenwood 6pm Edward Dillon Show, featuring Bacardi, Slane Whiskey and Hennessy Cognac 5.30pm Paul Lambert: Tantalising Tipples 5pm Ronan Farrell: Alternative Packaging for Wine 5.30pm Martin Shanahan: Seafood on the Big Green Egg 4pm Big Green Egg Masterclass with All Alfresco 11.30pm The Strokes 9.15pm The 1975 7.45pm Christine and the Queens 6pm Gerry Cinnamon 4.30pm Years & Years 3.15pm Wild Youth 1.45pm The Riptide Movement 11.30pm Four Tet 9.45pm Richie Hawtin 8.15pm Metronomy 7pm Charli XCX 5.45pm Freya Ridings 4.30pm Otherkin 3.15pm Lyra 2.15pm Aimée 2am Kelly-Anne Byrne 12.45am Lamb 11pm JMSN 9.45pm Mango XMathman 8.45pm Thumper 7.15pm Inni-K 6pm Paddy Hanna 4.45pm Fonda 3.45pm Kitt Philippa 2.30pm Jessica Pratt 1.30pm Graham Sweeney 12.30pm April 8.15pm-9pm Foil Arms and Hog 7.40pm Lords of Strut 7.05pm Deirdre O’Kane 6.35pm Danny O’Brien 6pm Ardal O’Hanlon 5.30pm Paul Currie 5.05pm John Lynn 4.45pm Joe Rooney 4.10pm Abandoman 3.45pm Gearóid Farrelly 3.20pm Maisie Adam 3pm Ger Staunton 2.40pm Naomi Cooper 2.20pm Connor Drumm 2pm Colin Chadwick 1.30pm Paul Marsh 1.15pm MC Karl Spain 10.30pm Echo & the Bunnymen 9.15pm Brittany Howard 7.45pm Duff Mc Kagan 6.30pm Maverick Sabre 5.15pm Alma 4pm Inhaler 3pm ELM 2pm Post-Party 11.45pm Jyellow L 10.30pm Three Made by Music 9.15pm Easy Life 8pm White Reaper 6.50pm The Scratch 5.45pm Just Mustard 4.30pm Working Men’s Club 3.30pm Somebody’s Child 2.30pm Rob de Boer 1.30pm Uly 11pm Sons of Kemet 9.30pm Yves Tumor 8pm Viagra Boys 6.30pm girl in red 5.15pm Biig Piig 4.05pm Silverbacks 3pm The Clockworks 2pm Isaac Butler 1pm Happyalone 2.50-4am Otherkin 1am RSAG 11.30pm Kormac 10.05pm Pillow Queens 8.30pm Shogunz of Stank 7.05pm Secret guests 6pm Porcelain Hill 4.50pm Nealo 3.40pm Badhands 2.25pm Amy Montgomery 1.10pm Ojo Noon Amber and the Bear Midnight-4am Sideshow disco/Mother DJs 11pm The Frank & Walters 10pm Sack 9pm Home Brew 7.40pm The Academic 6.40pm Powpig 5.40pm San Patricio Mariachi Band 4.40pm Crow Black Chicken 3.40pm Underscore Orchestra 2.50pm Jack O’Rourke 2pm Join Me in the Pines 1.10pm Odd Morris 12.20pm Martian Subculture 11am Breathe with the Beat (House of Yoga) 11.40pm Telephones 10.15pm Loosysmokes 9pm Interskalactic 7.45pm Khartoum 6.40pm Luna Boys 5.30pm CC Brez 4.20pm The Roadhouse Doors 3.30pm Special guests 2.30pm The Pearly Whites 1.15pm Bootleg Beach Boys Noon The Lunatics and guests 7pm Bonnie Tyler 6pm Lords of Strut 2.3opm Mr Motivator 10.30pm-midnight Maceo Plex 9pm Mella Dee 7.45pm DJ Seinfeld 6.45pm Kneecap 5pm The 2 Johnnies 2.30-4am Conor Fahy (DJ) 1am The Rebellion (DJ) 8-8.40pm Kyoto Love Hotel 7pm Kastane 6pm Office Coffee 5pm Basciville 4pm Dashoda 3pm Abbacaxi 2pm Meghan Murray 2.30am Sim Simma Soundsystem 1.20am Mango x Mathman 12.30am Outsider YP 11.20pm Ruckus FX 9.50pm The Skatuesques 8pm Yankari 6.20pm The Light Runners 4pm Ska Patrol 2pm DJ Grillz x DJ Chedder (Taboo Cork) 10pm Rootsman Wurzel 9.15pm Inike 8.20pm Berracah Kisia 7pm Will Softly Afrobeat Set 4pm 3 Little Birds 2pm Lavosti x Dreadzilla Noon Oi Oi Sound Midnight Jason Rootical 10pm Dr._________▄██✿███▄ _______ ▄██▀██████▄ ______██▀__███▒████ _____██____███░░‿░▀ ______██____██░░░░░ _______██____ ██░░♥ _ (❀✿❀) ________ █_____ █▒ ___ (✿ ☼ ✿) _________█ ___▓▓░▓___ (❀▐ ❀) ____█❀ _█_ ▓▓▓▒░▒▓__█_▐__▄ _____▀█▀_ ▓▓_▓▓▒░▒▓ ▀█▐_█ _________▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓▓____ ▐▀ _________▓▓_▓▓▓▓▓______▐ _______ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓_▓▓____▐░ ______ ▓▓__▓▓▓▓▓___▓___▒▒ _____ ▓▓_▓███❋██▓__▓▓▓ ___▒▒___▓██▒███▒▓ ___░___▓██▒███▒██▓ ______▓██▒███▒███▒▓ _____▓██▒███▒███▒██▓ _____▓█▒███▒███▒███▒▓ ▓___▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ▓________▒░░░▒░░░▒ ▓________▒░░░▒░░░▒ ▓________▒░░▒_▒░░░▒ ▓________▒░░▒__▒░░░▒ ▓________▒░░▒__ ▒░░░▒ ▓________▒░░▒__▒░░░▒ ▓________▒░░▒▒░░░▒ ▓▄▄▄▄▄▄▒░░▒░░▒ ▓██████▒░░▒▒ ▓_█❤█___███ ▓███____ ███ ▓█_______███ ▓________██❥█ ▓________██▀██▄ I picked up some cool text symbols from all over the web for you.People use them in chats, online profiles and stuff like that.12.30pm The Strange World of Me: Animals in the House – Cathy Davey in conversation with Neil Hannon.

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Brought to you by the comedians Barry Murphy and Paul Tylak.

Reggae Richie 8pm DJ Defensive Mix Up 6.30pm DJ Nigel Woods 4.30pm DJ Blazehitta 3.30pm Treasure Beach Collective 3pm Hot Sauce Dance It Up 1pm One World Sound 11am DJ Slick Normal 9am DJ Dodgy 7pm-8.30pm The Unelectables 5.30pm To Be Transhuman: Cork-born Joanne O’Riordan, born without arms or legs, is one of seven people in the world with tetra-amelia syndrome. They join TCD biochemistry professor Luke O’Neill to welcome cyborgism into our world.

4.30pm To be announced 3pm The Consequences of Manipulation: Blindboy Boatclub talks to the renowned TV writer and producer John Lloyd (QI, Blackadder, Spitting Image) about television, comedy, the morality of ads and mental health.

BEAM: Real-Time chat line that is private to the Kids. GODZILLA: Computer owned by Deeder that is tricked out and optimized for detecting and destroying flus and cancers. PLAYDOUGH: The money you need to spend to be online.

Computer service administrators who police the on-line services are not fond of kids who don't follow the rules. FRISBEE: CD-ROM FRY A SCREEN: Send a flame (a flame is a mean or angry message).

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