Elementary school dating

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(believe me a this is a whole other Oprah and clearly one reason why he is an ex-husband! My husband is an amazing role model of how to treat a woman and I continually use our relationship as a great example of respect and love. I started young and just continued to get braver and believe me I have a ton of regrets on this subject! My older son 11, is really not interested all that much yet, but he is definitely listening closely to the conversations.

In 2007, I quit sex work for good to become an elementary school..I told him we could approach the subject next school year, since he won't see these girls over the summer.He is now telling everyone "Mom and I are going to talk about me dating next year." Seriously!?!Which is just a term they use for being boyfriend and girlfriend.They don't actually go out on dates or anything like that. He tells them my mom won't let me and so far he has gotten by with that, but now...

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