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In my more than 10 years’ work with men over 40, I’ve yet to meet one who can immediately jump from being what he thought was happily married into the fabled life of a playboy.(No, not even the men who cheated on their wives can easily do this.)Men over 40 need time to shift from being a family man to being a single dad because you can’t just erase the lifestyle you’ve had for years as easily as flipping a switch. Step 1: Figuring things out This is the time when you make all the big adjustments and learn to live on your own again.

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Unless they discover the truth about this man they will continue to believe a lie.He is also published author in various professional journals. For millions of supporters of Focus on the Family, including the large constituencies of Evangelical, Catholic and Charismatic believers the notion that there are catastrophic problems within a ministry they have been led to believe is helping to strengthen the family unit and spread the Gospel is often hard for them to grasp.Life after divorce for men over 40 is very different from what their married friends think it is.Their friends think that a divorced guy should immediately get out there and sample as many different women as possible and that will automatically help them get over their divorce.

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