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(DISCONTINUED)Tsukune can never seem to have a normal school year and now he has to deal with Werewolves fighting over him, and traditions of mating as Gin realizing his feelings. - Thanatos and Percy have been dating for three months. Thanatos seems unaffected by Percy's countless attempts at seduction.

Danger is thrown in as Tsukune finds out he is not so normal after all, and true feelings will be revealed as darkness slowly closes in and sweeps them away! As if being in heat wasn't enough of a burden, now he gets called in at the most inconvenient time to cover a shift at Ymir's club. Eren needs some help through his first heat, and he's lucky enough to have two welcomed people ready to help him, even if it's not entirely in the way he wants them to help. But with a little advise from his friends and from Thanatos' best friend and confider Persephone, Percy will surely find a way!

If I take more than week I apologize in advance, I work and go to school full time. Everyone else tries to understand and help, but I'm the only one who really gets it. Percy and Nico are stuck in Tartarus, the crew of the Argo II are stuck babysitting Percy's teenage son and also trying to reach the Doors of Death, the gods all the while try to cope with losing Percy AGAIN and gaining a new son. Olympians/Percy, Nico/Percy, Stolls/Percy, Octavian/Percy, Jason/Percy Sequel to 39 weeks and 2 days.

It was supposed to be a fake ritual but when it works and he summons not only a real demon but the prince of demons dubbed the Ghost King he's not sure whether to cry or check himself into the loony bin. Percy grows up in the underworld and is send to camp to help Bianca and Nico in the Sea of Monsters.

AU: Percy likes comic books and when one shows him how to summon a demon he tries it. He saves Percy from the abuse, but he can't raise Percy, knowing Amphitrite or Zeus would kill him. Hades hides Percy and Percy will one day become the consort to one of Hades' children.

It's my job to fix Percy Jackson, because, honestly, I love him more than anything. When the kingdom of Atlantis has been conquered by the evil King Kronos, Prince Percy, is forced to go into exile, like what happened to his 'late' best friend Nico. Fourteen-month-old Elliot isn't known for getting himself into trouble.

But it was his own fault for getting into this situation where he can only wait and hope for mercy. Naruto is sick and tired of being prosecuted by his peers for being gay. The best part, or worst part, is that he had to report to Hange Zoe before Levi could get his hands on Eren. But Percy has to take an internship as a student teacher. It was a favour that involved him being the pretend boyfriend of Sasuke's which included holding hands, eating lunch together and all tat other couple stuff... AU Sasu Narubased off a song but ended a different way.

In their world, males who can carry children are sold as slaves for pleasure. Will they be able to find him before it is too late?

King Nico breaks the rules by marrying his carrier, Percy. PART THIRTEEN of He's the One Verse On a dark and stormy night, a baby was adopted by Esme and Carlisle Cullen.

Percy has to adjust to all the new things and to the feelings he developes for his not-quite-stepbrother Nico and his boyfriend.

Nico/Jason/Percy slashy threesome Nico is a social outcast at Atlantis High.

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