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That's what it's all about, isn't it?

Some may say so, but this ninja isn't allowed to think such thoughts.

If you one day dream of becoming a Jonin (or even a Chunin) then you're probably well-versed in Naruto knowledge. All of these people have earned the title of Hokage.

But that doesn't mean they earned their place with ease.

Which one of the former "rookies" died saving the lives of the others during the Fourth War? Called Tora in Japanese, this sign clasps all fingers aside from your middle, index, and thumbs.

This is a popular sign and the last signed in the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique so famous in the Uchiha clan. Those fingers go straight up into the air, touching each other. But do you know what it's called and what animal it's associated with?

Not knowing ninjutsu is such a sad existence for a ninja.

So he went into his own clan's quarters and killed every last one of them. This nearly led to the extinction of which famous and powerful clan that possessed a unique family trait not seen anywhere else?

As a great ninja and eventual Hokage, Naruto knows every basic jutsu and then some. But as he's still just a human (more or less) there are some abilities that he hasn't exactly mastered.

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