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These feature a non-standard '4 2' tuner configuration rather than the more standard 6 in line or 3 a side.

The Stingray bass is perhaps Music Man's most iconic and successful design.

These large PA systems and movie theatre sound systems were very large and very expensive, and so they could not be used by most touring musicians.

These guitars are similar in design to the brand's USA models including the Axis and the JP models.

guitarguitar is an authorised Ernie Ball Music Man dealer and as such we keep a large selection of their guitars in stock throughout our stores.

In the 1920s, it was very hard for a musician playing a pickup-equipped guitar to find an amplifier and speaker to make their instrument louder as the only speakers that could be bought were "radio horns of limited frequency range and low acoustic output".

The cone speaker, widely used in 2000s-era amp cabinets, was not offered for sale until 1925.

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