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When something doesn't go the way we want, there are two groups of people.

Instantly I got a horde of negative comments that said, "if she prefers to chat with somebody else, you should take the hint." To those who believe that attraction is instantaneous and unchanging, I have to tell you, you are wrong.

As an added bonus, learning this will make you infinitely more successful in relationships.

When you understand what it is that women are looking for, you can feel more relaxed that you're not exactly communicating with your woman in the way you'd expect.. I've made the mistake of assuming a girl should appeal to logic, and I've held my ground where I shouldn't have in arguments. It's a secret you can't tell girls because they'll deny it outright. We're acknowledging the reality of the dating world, and realizing the biggest part of it is this: You cannot talk openly about it with women; you risk affecting her feelings! She'll think the magic is gone, because she can't feel the way she did before.

But the problem is this: In our culture, in our society, men are expected to act despite their emotions. If a woman at a bar is acting offensively, or hurling insults/put-downs towards a guy, the guy cannot react emotionally or he loses the chance of successfully mating her. If a man and woman are in a relationship, it's the man's job to go out of his way to make sure to engender the right feelings in a woman. Valentines day flowers, special dates, and a regular on-going ignition of passion is expected. She never understood the reason she felt it in the first place, but losing it is a sure sign whatever the reason was, it's gone now. Sometimes it has it's ups, and sometimes it's just horrible.

Men have to acknowledge this hidden truth, and act accordingly, no matter what their feelings are on the subject- or risk losing the girl entirely. I feel great one minute, only to lose all my confidence the next minute.

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