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But after the dowry has been paid, does the wedding continue as it typically would in the West? If you follow Thai Buddhist procedure by the book, the girl will have to stay at her house the whole day before the wedding.Then, very early in the morning on the day of the wedding – it’s pretty hot here, remember?Or, better said – the that you expect in your culture, and that could be a problem.Weddings are one of the best illustrations of how Thais react to the clashing of two different cultures. A good piece of advice is that if you don’t feel comfortable doing the Thai thing, try to negotiate everything instead.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

Thai men negotiate depending on the money they have and expect something of similar value in exchange, like property.Yes, the groom has to pay to move forward to see his bride. When the couple finally makes it into the hall, everyone else has probably already finished eating.So they won’t usually eat much but instead have to move straight into throwing the flowers, cutting the cake and listening to the speeches.Yes, just like in the west, someone will usually make a speech.What’s funny is sometimes this MC is someone that the couple have never even met.

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