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Yasseen said Iraq will likely see an “internationalization of the Western military presence that’s there in support of Iraqi military capabilities.” That includes a new NATO training operation led by Canadian Gen. The US-led coalition fighting in Iraq told the Pentagon’s inspector general last month that training of Iraqi forces “is of a basic nature” and does not fit US definitions of counterinsurgency instruction.Though the president visited US troops at al-Asad air base in December, he did not meet with Iraqi officials.“Every minute we try to spend putting the Humpty Dumpty back together again we are reducing our opportunity to solidify Iraq,” Robinson said.“We have to look at all of the pieces on the chessboard and make the right decision.” is Al-Monitor’s Pentagon correspondent.During most of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military and its contractors disposed of garbage and everything else it did not want to ship back to the U. Beginning in 2008, veterans across the United States began suing former Haliburton subsidiary KBR Inc., the company that the Defense Department contracted to provide logistics support.

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Detsch previously covered cybersecurity for Passcode, the Christian Science Monitor’s project on security and privacy in the Digital Age.The stock of equipment includes nearly 50 Humvees, 20 mine-resistant vehicles, 40 enhanced armament carriers and nearly 700 light anti-tank weapons.The Pentagon also approved the transfer of more than 2,400 mortar rounds, 25 mine rollers and dozens of charges used to destroy mines and other explosives, the letters indicate. Sean Robertson, a Pentagon spokesman, would not confirm whether the supplies had been moved, citing government policy.Mazlum Kobane, the SDF’s top commander, said last week IS is just days away from losing control of all its territory in Syria.But the shift in resources may come at a cost for Iraq, which is struggling to regain its military footing even after declaring IS defeated in 2017.

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