Dating girls with bad teeth

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unless anyone knows how to straighten your teeth for free?

Perfect teeth are almost never a factor when deciding whether or not to date a girl.

Who wouldn’t love to love someone that gives off such great vibes with just a grin?

Your smile is a powerful weapon in the game of love, and the state of it speaks volumes about what you think of yourself and whether you think you’re worth an investment in oral health care.

Mighty porcelain veneers: Get a new smile in just two visits The Power of a Smile You may think it’s far from necessary to change your smile to improve your love life, but the statistics speak for themselves. And if yours are in a poor state, that will affect the success of your relationships.

People will think you don’t care enough to take care of your teeth.

If your teeth are nowhere to be seen in any of them, or if you’re grimacing or not smiling, potential partners will pass right by you, believing you’re grumpy, sad, boring, or simply have something to hide (bad teeth or otherwise).If there's a guy shallow and superficial enough to overlook all the other good qualities of a girl just because of her imperfect teeth, then you're probably better off without him Not sure if you are just asking guys but I am a girl who dates girls so I will give my opinion!Personally, I honestly wouldn't care if a girl had crooked teeth it doesnt bother me in the slightest. Do they make me smile, laugh and just feel complete.If you want to find a way to straighten your teeth so that you feel more confident, that’s cool, but make sure you do it for yourself not for anyone else. unless anyone knows how to straighten your teeth for free? It’s a fabricated stereotype presented to us throughout american television and the media.If people dont accept the things you love about yourself e.g your teeth, then they’re simply not worth it. You’ll soon realise anyone who judges you on your teeth is not worth your time. I was also super self conscious about my teeth and decided to get my gaps filled in but I didnt do it for anyone else but myself. i actually quite like my inperfect teeth and see them as being cute and having a unique smile.

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