Dating getting past second base

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It is not sensible to pretend an interest in professional sports, for instance, or medieval art, since keeping up that pretense for any length of time would become onerous and unworkable. In fact, I think that is one aspect of doing something interesting during this very early period in a relationship.It should be just a little novel to the other person, and, perhaps, to both people.Another thinks, “I am strong.” Or “I am reliable”—or kind, or thoughtful, or knowledgeable, or caring, or resourceful, or gracious, or any one or two of a number of different ways of being.So, naturally, during these times when two people are talking to each other about everything, but especially about themselves, they are trying to paint that picture.

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Getting to know someone new can be fun, in and of itself, if nothing is at stake. Sometimes, the couple will make arrangements to see each other again.

Two people meet, talk for an hour or so, and then, usually, never see each other again. Other first encounters in a bar or at a party are not much different.

It is sensible to approach dating experiences in general with no great expectation that any particular relationship will develop into something important.

Christopher Marlowe put it more strongly: “…whoever loved, that loved not at first sight?

” Well, plenty of people; but on many occasions I have heard someone speak of meeting someone and then “talking half the night.” Even if that person is not speaking about love at first sight, something akin to that has happened.

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