Dating dealing past

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If the relationship is salvageable, it may grant the insight to resolve the hidden issues you can't quite put your finger on.

Many of us can relate to certain relationships in our lives which are extremely painful and traumatic, yet we can't seem to find a solution to stop the pain.

It'll break down a wall that seemed indestructible, but if we don't keep working on new positive belief systems we easily default to the old patterns.

It can't be emphasised strongly enough - 2 ebooks that provide the vital first steps to get your recovery started.

It can be extremely useful to target the core wound of these relationships in order to release the dense energy that has been trapped regarding these issues.

It is usual to find individuals who have been playing out the lifetime to lifetime.

I’m currently dating a girl (20)(junior in college)for about a year.

We truly have an amazing connection and I love her dearly. It turns out she first had sex freshman year of college with her then boyfriend they broke up that summer and she had 5 one night stands in a few months at parties.

Only you can decide if it's worth it (and it can be worth it).

You may have re-lived and repeated this program for several lifetimes. By accessing the core root of the dysfunction (where it was first established) a powerful healing re-creation can unlock and heal this wound significantly.

If we die without healing and emotional resolution, we will re-create the same drama in future lives in order to grant the opportunities to heal and the fearful belief system.

If this pattern is not healed and liberated the pattern may continue for centuries.

It must be stated that past-life work alone isn't enough and isn't a quick fix.

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