Dating a deputy sheriff

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The average annual salary for sheriff’s deputies in 2016 was ,680.Correctional officers—often referred to as “COs”—represent an entirely different side of law enforcement as compared to their counterparts in police departments and sheriff’s offices.COs are responsible for enforcing rules and regulations inside a state or federal prison, jail or rehabilitative or correctional facility.They supervise inmates during meals, recreation, work and other daily activities, according to the BLS.It’s important to ensure your program of choice adheres to state requirements.Police patrol officers are in higher demand generally than sheriff’s deputies or correctional officers.

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If you’ve ever asked a group of kids what they’d like to be when they grow up, you probably heard one or two excitedly answer, “Police officer!

For example, you might find sheriff’s deputies more often on highways or dispersed widely throughout a county, whereas police patrol officers will usually patrol a smaller municipality.

According to the BLS, sheriffs’ departments tend to be relatively small despite their wider jurisdiction range.

These three entry-level positions are great choices to work as a peace-keeper. These professionals handle a variety of tasks, including the pursuit and arrest of perpetrators, emergency and traffic accident response, and the general enforcement of motor vehicle and criminal laws.

The biggest difference between a police officer and a sheriff’s deputy is their jurisdictional authority.

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