Dan and keesha dating

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I could have asked Ollie anything about April and it would not have mattered.I tried to focus all of my energy and planning on the future, a few moves a head of everyone else.Elle Naturelle: Clearly you were influenced by Will Kirby with the role you took on in the house, but what other previous HGs did you draw inspiration from?

I tried to play the game like I was a fan of the show, basically because I still am a fan of the show.Dan teaches biology, physical education, and health at Orchard Lake St.Mary's Preparatory School and is the assistant coach of the school's football team in Dearborn, MI.In my head, the night before the finale, I decided that if I had convinced the jury to vote on game play I had a shot. Jersey721: How surprised were you that you survived the "Brian Cooties" unlike Steven and Angie? Dan: I knew I had a chance to survive longer then Stephen because he was a physical presence who would compete hard.If I did not get that done in my jury speech, I had no shot to win. At this point in the game I had a lot stacked against me, so I had to gamble.

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