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An artificial intelligence (AI) engine then extracts these features and merges it with the mapping of the acoustics of a three dimensional space to personalize sound just for you.

Using this acoustic map, Super X-Fi™ recreates the audio holography to give you a breathtaking listening experience for headphones.

If your Apple device needs repairs, you can go to an Apple Store, visit an Authorized Service Provider, or mail in your device.

Whatever you choose, we’ll make sure your device works the way it should.

Leverage easy, actionable insights to create bots that answer the right questions at the right time.

The purpose of the application is to provide users with a painless means to join the NWSChat conversation without installing third party software or worrying about local network firewalls.

Imagine capturing the listening experience of a high-end multi-speaker system in a studio and actually re-creating that same expansive experience - the same depth, detail, soundstage, three dimensionality, immersiveness and realism.

It’s like the magic of 3D holography, but in audio - for the headphones.

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