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The event was first introduced in 2008 and takes the form of a series of opinion polls, split into four divisions (North, South, East and West) each consisting of 16 developers.In each round, developers are eliminated down to two, who then compete in the grand final.As a result of this criticism and a generally negative opinion of the contest by Escapist users, March Mayhem did not take place in 2013, but was then revived in 2014 in much the same format, albeit with greater community input in the initial 16 developers chosen.In May 2008, The Escapist won the Webby Award and 2008 People's Choice Award for Best Video-Game Related Website.

with a consolidated portfolio that did not mention The Escapist.They planned to use this extra money to create a game publishing label, where the revenue would go directly into funding subsequent projects.Alexander Macris stated the money should have been used to create more episodes of Extra Credits for The Escapist and to compensate Themis Media for donation incentives, such as premium memberships and T-shirts.On January 21, 2015, Defy Media announced it was cutting staff across a portfolio of its main sites including The Escapist, Game Trailers and Game Front.The Big Picture, produced by Movie Bob, was the first series to be officially relaunched alongside the continued Zero Punctuation.

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