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As rare as it is today, the Giant Panda's family tree stretches all the way back to the Miocene epoch, over 10 million years ago.Exhibit A is the newly discovered Agriarctos, a pint-sized (only 100 pounds or so) prehistoric bear that spent much of its time scampering up trees, either to harvest nuts and fruit or to evade the attention of large predators.The nostrils of Astrapotherium were also set unusually high, a hint that this prehistoric herbivore may have pursued a partly amphibious lifestyle, like a modern hippopotamus.

One of the largest bears that ever lived, the half-ton Agriotherium achieved a remarkably wide distribution during the Miocene and Pliocene epochs, reaching as far as North America, Eurasia and Africa.

Chamitataxus runs counter to the general rule that every modern mammal had a plus-sized ancestor lurking millions of years back in its family tree.

Somewhat disappointingly, this badger of the Miocene epoch was about the same size as its descendants of today, and it seems to have behaved in much the same way, locating small animals with its excellent smell and hearing and killing them with a quick bite to the neck.

An important clue is that Myotragus had forward-facing eyes; similar grazers have wide-set eyes, the better to detect carnivores approaching from all directions.

Like other opportunistic predators of the Pleistocene epoch, Cave Hyenas preyed on early humans and hominids, and they weren't shy about stealing the hard-earned kill of packs of Neanderthals and other large predators.

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