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An employee does not need to have had an diagnostic assessment in order to receive reasonable adjustments.It is advised that specialist advice, such as a Workplace Needs Assessment, is taken to determine the most appropriate adjustments for a particular individual.Most adjustments are very affordable and easy to implement.Simple adjustments are well-worth the investment if they enable employees with dyslexia to work to their full capacity.Plus, having multiple options for accessing information can even benefit those without dyslexia.You can find out more about reasonable adjustments in the workplace section of this guide.At the very least, businesses should make it clear to newly-hired employees – perhaps in the employee handbook – that should anyone need support for a disability, the company will provide it on request.Employers must take action if someone with dyslexia reveals their disability, especially if they specifically ask for adjustments and supportive resources.

It’s estimated by Dyslexia Action that 6.3 million people in the UK have the learning difficulty dyslexia, which is around 1 in 10.

The phrasing and terminology used in your recruitment ads and interview process make a significant difference to who applies and the candidate’s performance in the interview.

There are numerous ways businesses can accommodate the needs of people with dyslexia when putting together job advertisements and interview processes – and in turn prevent dyslexia discrimination.

The barriers caused by dyslexia vary from person to person.

Tasks that require little to no effort for some people – such as writing emails or following instructions – can be complex, anxiety-inducing processes for those with dyslexia.

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