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Since college students often believe that double standards exist in society, but not in their own minds, I paid particular attention to respondents' belief that a past hookup partner had lost respect for them after a hookup.

I found that most respondents judged men and women similarly for similar sexual behaviors.

This suggests that when men endorse the traditional double standard it has implications for women's experiences with college hookups.

So how common is it for men to endorse the traditional double standard? And what does judgment of sexual behavior mean for power dynamics in hookups?

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These women believed the traditional double standard gave men power in hookups and justified the disrespectful treatment of women.

Some studies indicate the traditional double standard is still relevant.

Others indicate it has been surpassed by an egalitarian standard where men and women are judged similarly for engaging in similar behaviors and that some college students even use a reverse sexual double standard to judge men more harshly than women. One explanation is that contemporary college students tend to believe that the traditional double standard exists in society, but not in their own minds.

This suggests that the traditional double standard is still relevant, even if college students believe that it only exists outside of their own minds.

The respondents who reported feeling disrespected were more likely to engage in sexual acts that they did not personally desire.

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